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Home Page Photo: Japanese Anemone
The Wild Flower Garden
Six September Flowering Plants
Long Flowering Anthemis
Hunter's Moon
Ripen Crops In The Greenhouse
Rhubarb's Health Giving Properties
Get Painting and Preserving
Antipode Apples
The Colours Of Autumn
Trees For Containers

Home Page Photo:
Japanese anemone 'Robustissima'

japanese anemone
The Japanese anemone flowers from August until late October.

Despite their robust and long-lived qualities they can be
difficult to establish because they dislike disturbance.
When buying, go for well-grown, larger specimens
and plant them in rich friable soil in semi-shade.

The term Japanese is misleading as the plant is actually
a native of the Hupeh province in eastern China.

Link for: horticultural advice.

The Wild Flower Garden

Now is the time of season to begin preparations
if considering a wild flower meadow or garden.

Plantlife, the wild plant charity,
offer a bounty of on line guidance,
including the best plants for your soil composition,
gardening for wildlife and much more.

Link to: Plantlife website.

September Flowering Plants

Make the most of autumn,
six plants for continued colour in the garden.
Apricot Sprite

Aster amellus


Long Flowering Anthemis

Perennal Anthemis Punctata subsp. cupaniana
is perfect for mixed borders,
offering a long flowering period and aromatic folage.

Long lasting when picked for floral decoration.

Responds to cutting back hard, after flowering.

Hunter's Moon

Come out, tis now September,
The hunter's moon's begun,
And through the wheaten stubble,
We hear the frequent gun.

The new moon on Wednesday September 20th
reaches full phase on Thursday 5th October.
the first after the Harvest Moon and
by tradition known as the Hunters' Moon.

The low azimuth has the illusion
of the moon appearing larger
and also the reason for it's yellow tint.

Ripen Crops
In The Greenhouse

Store your pumpkins and squashes on a shelf
in the greenhouse to finish ripening off.

String onions and garlic from the greenhouse roof
Lay shallots in single layers in trays.
When dried off and fully ripen,
store in a dark, cool and frost free location.

RHS advice on: Winter storing of pumpkins and squashes.

Rhubarb's Health Giving Properties

Marco Polo brought rhubarb to Europe from China,
in the late 13th century where the roots were used
as an astringent and laxative.

It was not until the early 19th century,
with the import of sugar from the colonies,
that the stems were used for culinary purposes.

Good for your health as rhubarb has high levels
of antioxidants, calcium and potassium.

It releases polyphenols when baked or stewed,
which are considered beneficial against some cancers.

Link to RHS for: horticultural advice

Get Painting and Preserving

On average September is the driest month of the year.
Take advantage to catch up on painting and preserving jobs.

Sheds, fences, decking and garden furniture
all benefit from any necessary repair and a fresh coat,
to help survive the harshest of winter's precipitation.

Link: Expert advice and guidance

Antipode Apples

Antipode Apples have now become the best sellers in the UK.

The Jazz apple variety originated from New Zealand
and is cross of Gala and Braeburn.

Pink Lady, first bred in Australia, is a cross
between Lady Williams and Golden Delicious.

Apples are easy to grow, productive and
with varieties and growth forms for every garden.
Value as a long term investment as they take a few years to crop,
but once they start, they will do so for many years.

Link to RHS for: horticultural advice

The Colours Of Autumn

Autumn is a magical time of year and a fantastic time to visit
your local woods and forests to witness the changing colours.

Link: Forestry Commission: Autumn Expereance

Link: RHS: Brilliant Autumn Destinations

Trees For Containers

Growing trees in containers is ideal for small gardens
or where space is limited, such as on a patio or terrace.
They can bring height, fruit, bark and autumn colour
into these small spaces.

Link to RHS: advice and guidance.

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