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Home Page Photo: Cartaderia selloana 'Evita'
Quiz: Flower Anagrams
UK Plant Height Definitions
Time To Plant Garlic
Ornithology On Our Doorstep
Last Chance To Plant Bulbs
Forcing Rhubarb
Greenhouse Pest Watch
Theft From Gardens
National Tree Week: 25th November to 3rd December

Home Page Photo:
Cartaderia selloana 'Evita'

Pampas grass Evita is a small cultivar with a compact habit,
fine foliage and dense plumes of silver-yellow.

Perfect for a sunny, well drained position.

Happy in sea side gardens, generally pest and disease free.

RHS advice on Ornamental Grasses in your garden.

Flower Anagrams

A bid dualA Loam GinAngry Head
AssertDrainageI must run at
It’s love

List up

O Mad girl

Answers at the foot of this page.

UK Plant Height Definitions

Plant growth is affected by:
Light, position, weather, adjacent plants and soil fertility.
Shrubs: Dwarf 1 to 2.5ft (0.3 - 0.75m)
Small 3 to 5ft (1 - 1.5m)
Medium 6 to 10ft (1.5 - 3m)
Large Over 10ft (3m)
Trees: Small Up to 35ft (10m)
Medium 35 to 60ft (10 to 18m)
Large Over 60ft (18m)
A shrub is a short or multi stemmed plant.
A tree usually has a single trunk.

Time To Plant Garlic

Sow individual cloves, 150mm (6inches) apart, so just the tip shows.
The garlic will then reach maturity in early June 2018.

If you miss the boat this month, wait until March 2018,
which will be cropping in September 2018.

Thompson Morgan advice on How To Grow Garlic.

Ornithology On Our Doorstep

Our Langstone and Chichester harbours,
offer opportunity for possible sightings of:
Curlews, grey plovers, knots and dunlins.
Eider ducks, divers, grebes and auks also
Brent and Canada geese.

Unsure of what's what? RSPB identification guide.

Last Chance To Plant Bulbs

Last chance to plant daffodils and other spring flowering bulbs,
for a magnificent start to next years display.

Plant tulip bulbs now to prevent Tulip Fire infection.

Plant up a terracotta pot of hyacinth bulbs
for a simple but stunning display next spring.

Link to Thompson Morgan video: How To Grow Bulbs.

Bulbs are available from our Trading Centre.

Forcing Rhubarb

This month lift a root and ideally expose to frost.
Place in a black dustbin bag on damp compost
and tie the top leaving space for sticks to grow into.
Store in a warm place and in 4 to 5 weeks harvest.
Replant the root in an enriched soil in the rhubarb bed.

Link to RHS Growing Advice.

Greenhouse Pest Watch

Grey mould can become a problem in the greenhouse or
conservatory with reducing temperatures and damp air.

To minimise risk remove dead and dying leaves from plants,
keep ventilated on mild days and
water sparingly without wetting the leaves.

Check for mealybug colonies (like white cotton wool)
and under the stems for scale insects.

Use soapy water to remove or spray with insecticide.

Theft From Gardens

Theft from gardens has become a significant crime.
Insurance claims for lost property and damage
can easily now exceed £500 with garden sheds used for storing
cycles as well as lawnmowers, shredders, hedge trimmers
barbecues, garden furniture and hand tools.
At car boots these items can be easily turned into ready cash.

Thieves always prefer to go for the soft option so:
Make your outbuildings as difficult as possible to enter.
Mask over windows to obscure inside contents.
Fit strong padlocks with robust fixings to clasps.
Chain bikes and ladders to hinder their removal.
Install movement activated security lights.
Consider a CCTV surveillance system.
Train thorny plants around the top of boundary fences.
Maintain a strong padlock and chain to side gates.

Check your house insurance to ensure you have relevant cover.

Link to RHS advice: Garden Security.

National Tree Week

National Tree Week 2017 runs from 25th November to 3rd December
and is the UK's largest tree celebration annually launching
the start of the winter tree planting season.

Link to The Tree Council: National Tree Week.

Answers To Flower Anagrams




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