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Home Page Photo: Skimmia x confusa
Chinese New Year
Chance To Trim Hedges
Cloches For Early Vegetables
Ground Elder
The Work Of The NCCPG
Cold Snap
Sow Early Carrots
Clean Up Slippery Paths
In The Garden Wordsearch
Talk: Planting Seasonal Pots And Containers
Talk: No Dig Gardening

Home Page Photo:
Skimmia x confusa

Skimmia x confusa
In bloom in sheltered gardens now Skimmia x confusa.
A compact evergreen shrub with aromatic leaves
and small white or yellowish flowers followed,
on fertilised female plants, by shiny red berries.

Link for: horticultural advice.

Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year
The year of the dog begins on Friday 16th February.

Dog years are believed to be the most unlucky for those
born in previous years of the Dog.

This traditional calendar is based on lunar cycles,
the first day of the New Year falling on the new moon
between 21st January and 20th February each year.

Chinese New Year is also known as the Spring Festival.

Is it Old wives tales to plant to the moon cycles?
Garden By The Moon

Chance To Trim Hedges

hedge trim
During mild, dry weather it should be possible
towards the end of the month to cut back
overgrown hedges to encourage new spring growth.

Use sharp clean secateurs, shears and saws
thining out old, damaged and weak growth.

Link to the RHS: Guidance on trimming hedges.

Cloches For Early Vegetables

Cloches are a must if wishing to grow early vegetables
as they can raise the local soil temperature by up to 10°C
and hasten germination of direct-sown crops by 10-14 days.

Cloches give wind protection, which increases growth rates
and leaf surface area, and also promotes tender growth.
This is useful for leafy crops such as salads, spinach
and cabbage where soft growth is desirable.

Link to the RHS: Guidance on cloches.

Ground Elder

ground elder
To the modern gardener ground elder is a serious problem,
as the plant is a fast-growing, very invasive, perennial weed
that can spread quickly to form a carpet of foliage
crowding out less-vigorous plants in beds and borders.

In the middle ages, when first introduced into Britain,
it was much cherished by herbalists.
The young leaves were eaten for treatment of gout
and the leaves when crushed applied as a poultice.

Ground elder is a member of umbellifer family,
which includes carrots, parsnips, caraway, dill and fennel.

Link to the RHS: control advice and guidance.

The Work Of The NCCPG

The National Council for the Conservation of Plants and Gardens
is the world’s leading cultivated plant conservation charity,
bringing together the talents of botanists, horticulturalists
and conservationists and the dedication
of keen amateur and professional gardeners.

Just a part of their work is the National Plant Collections scheme
and distribution of heritage seeds to members.

To find out more of their conservation projects
use this link to visit the website of the NCCPG

Cold Snap

Melt a hole in the ice on the fish pond
with a saucepan of hot water.
Remember to tie a string line to the handle
to retrieve if the pot should fall through.

Don't walk across your lawn if covered in frost.

Feed the birds and melt the ice in the bird bath.

Remove house plants from window ledges
within the cold zone behind drawn curtains.

Sow Early Carrots

carrot seed
Carrots 'Early Nantes' and 'Primo'
can be sown now for a June harvest.
Use this link for advice and guidance from the RHS.

Carrots were eaten by the ancient Egyptians,
and used as a medicine by the Greeks.
The Romans believed carrots had aphrodisiac properties,
and Emperor Caligula served a banquet of them
evidently hoping to incite an orgy.

Carrots are rich in antioxidant carotenoids, which help
to protect the body from heart disease and cancer.
The betacarotene converts to vitamin A which is good for
maintaining eyesight, healthy skin and resistance to infection.
The pectin fibre helps reduce cholesteral levels in the blood.

Clean Up Slippery Paths

Paths in shade or damp locations can become a slip hazzard
when colonised by algae, lichens, liverworts and moss.

Now winter's shortest days are drawing longer it's time
to take action in areas where such growth has become a problem.

One can choose either a non-chemical or chemical control.

Use this link for advice and guidance from the RHS.

In The Garden Wordsearch

Here is a wordsearch with a gardening theme containing
27 elements relating to horticulture.

Bring up wordsearch image to print.

Planting Seasonal Pots
And Containers

The Hayling Island Flower Club are hosting Andy McIndoe
who will give the presentation
"Planting Seasonal Pots And Containers"

This illustrated talk is open to non members
and will take place on Thursday 8th February 2018
at the United Reform Church, Hollow Lane, PO11 9EY
commencing at 2.15pm. Entry fee is just £4.

Links to RHS website for advice and guidance on containers:
Planting up
Summer selection
Winter selection
Sink and trough gardening

Talk: No Dig Gardening

On February 16th Charles Dowding, will be the guest speaker
at the Tuppenny Barn, Main Road, Southbourne, PO10 8EZ.
commencing at 6.30pm. Entry fee £12.
Tickets available in advance from the Tuppenny Barn,

Bar open for refreshments before and after the event.

This illustrated talk advises on how to have a healthy soil
and enjoy easier harvests, without the need for digging.
Talk to be followed by questions and answers.

Charles is an innovator of no dig, organic growing since 1983.
His original, weed free methods give superb results.
is ecologically beneficial and keeps carbon in the soil

Link to RHS website: No dig alternatives.
Link to Groves Nurseries website: Alternatives to digging beds.
Link to No Dig Wegetable Garden website: Natures way to garden.

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