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Home Page Photo: Astrantia (masterwort)
Roses: Growing In Containers
Time To Sow Biennials
Strictly For The Birds
Trim Box Bushes And Hedges
RHS Wisley: Plant Society Show
Miniature Vegetables
Getting The Boot!
Farmers Almanac

Home Page Photo: Astrantia

Astrantia (masterwort) always flowers lavishly in June
as well as a little in September. An excellent garden plant
and cut flower, dried as well as fresh.

Loves dappled shade and cool position as the oriental hellebore
and they make good partners.

Always deadhead astrantia as the flowers age badly
and inferior seedlings can be a problem.

Link to RHS: Horticultural advice Astrantia 'Claret'.

Roses: Growing In Containers

To keep container roses healthy and beautiful:
Locate to achieve at least 6 hours of sunlight.
Regularly water when it’s been dry.
Apply a rose fertiliser in the spring
In winter months take into the greenhouse or
give protection with jute or bubble wrap.

Link to RHS: Roses: growing in containers.

Time To Sow Biennials

Sow now and the plants develop though summer and autumn,
to achieve substantial plants by winter,
to get them off to a flying start in early spring,
for a strong summer display.

Most germinate within 10 days and can be sown
direct into the soil or seed trays.

Link to RHS: 10 of the best biennials.


Reversion is when a cultivar known for a particular leaf shape,
colour, or other striking characteristic ‘reverts’ back
to a different form found in the plant’s parentage.

Reversion most commonly affects variegated plants, shrubs and trees.

Link to RHS: Advice and guidance.

Strictly For The Birds

One for sorrow, two for mirth,
Three for a wedding, four for a birth.
Five for silver, six for gold,
Seven is a tale that has never been told.
(Number of magpies seen on a particular occasion)

A bird in the hand, is worth two in the bush.
A bird never flew on one wing.
There are no birds in last years nest.

If the partridge, had a woodcock's thigh,
it would be the best bird, that ever did fly.

The robin and wren are God's cock and hen;
the martin and swallow are God's mate and marrow.

A bird does not sing because it has an answer.
It sings because it has a song.

A robin redbreast in a cage, puts all heaven in a rage.

Trim Box Bushes And Hedges

Last chance, traditionally Derby Day 2nd June,
to cut back your box bushes or hedges.

Topiary shapes can be tricky to cut
but with the help of special topiary shears
it can get a lot easier.

Old neglected plants can repond well to hard pruning
cutting back to 15-30 cm (6-12inchs) off the ground level.

Box can be propogated by treating trimmings as cuttings.
Pot up and put in a cold frame or heated propagator.

Link to RHS: horticultural advice on box.

RHS Wisley: Plant Society Show

This event held over the weekend of 16th = 17th June
features over 20 different Plant Societies including
delphiniums, clematis, sweet peas, iris and dahlia
as well as alpines, fruit and vegetables,
hosta, carnivorous, bonsai and cactus.

Enjoy lovely displays of colourful and unusual plants,
chat to friendly experts for help and advice,
and purchase unusual plants and seeds.

Link to RHS: for full details.

Miniature Vegetables

minature veg
Miniature vegetables are a latest trend in vegetable gardening.
They are cheap and fun to grow in your garden
and the results can be quite charming and delicious.

They are ideal for the small garden, window box or containers
and also do not shade out other vegetable plants.

Seeds are available both on-line and in most gardening outlets
and can be sown consecutively through the summer months.

Link to RHS: for advice and guidance.

Getting The Boot!

old boots
Got a few left over bedding plants?
Add some fun to your garden or balcony,
plant up a pair of old Wellington's,
walking boots or trainers.

First drill out adequate drainage holes,
add a thin layer of gravel,
fill with general potting compost,
mixed with slow release fertiliser,
plant up, water and enjoy visitors reactions.

Farmers Almanac

Make hay while the sun shines.

A load of hay in June is worth two in July.
(Young hay has higher nutriment)

A calm June puts the farmer in tune.

Barnaby bright, Barnaby bright,
the longest day and the shortest night.
(St. Barnabas' Day: 11th June.
Thought in the middle ages to be the longest day).

There are more bad farmers than bad farms.

A bull should be not only be one of a good sort,
but also a good sort of bull.

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