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Trading Manager's Latest Update..
Quality at Keen Prices..
Stock List Bulk Items..
Trading Centre Opening Hours.
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Trading Manager's Latest Update

We are currently open both Wednesday and Sunday mornings,
are very well stocked and await your visit.
Summer bulbs
The summer flowering stock is at discounted prices.
So, we have selection of: Begonia upright and pendular,
Dahlias, Arum lilies( Zantandeschia ), Nerines,
Gloxinias, Pleione and Ranunculus.

Taking advantage of a suppliers ‘black Friday’ offer
we secured a pallet load of 6X chicken manure
and have on sale at £9 for a 20kg bag.
A truely fantastic bargain which won’t be repeated,
so if you want some you had better get in quick.

The Seed Potatoes / Shallots/ Onion sets
for those members who specifically placed an order,
have arrived and await your collection.

We have suffered a visit from the local field mice.
Over £40 worth of seeds were rendered unsaleable.
You will therefore find Beans and Peas located in boxes
which hopefully will keep them at bay.

Well that’s it for now, until the next time.
Good gardening. Peter Jackson.

Quality at Keen Prices.

Trading Centre
Our Trading Centre is located on Legion Field,
off Legion Road, Post Code PO11 9ES.

A wide range of gardening elements,
are available to members, all at favourable prices.

Items not on display may be ordered
from the catalogue on request at the counter.

Stock List Bulk Items.

Stock list The Trading Centre
has a wide selection
of bulk items.

Someone is always on hand
to wheelbarrow purchases
and load into your vehicle.

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The Centre Opening Hours.


February to June:
Sundays and Wednesdays from 9.30am to 12.00 noon.
July to January:
Sundays only from 10.00am to 12.00 noon.
Membership cards must be shown when making purchases.
The Trading Centre telephone number is 07800 839911
for enquiries during opening hours.

Can You Help?

The Centre is run by a happy band of volunteer members.
Can any members help and join one of the teams
or to be on the reserves list in case of need?

Remember the Sunday rotas are on a one in five basis
operating from January to December,
whilst the Wednesday rota is run
on a three week rotation from February to June.
Please get in touch if you are able to help.
Use this: Feedback Form
to contact the Centre Manager Peter Jackson.

Map To Find Us

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